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Every project must be designed and built with a conscience. Issues including resource depletion, pollution, energy conservation and community responsibility must be a part of every building program. We should build what we need on a practical and spiritual level but always as a part of a larger community of interlocking responsibilities. Sustainability means building for our own needs today in a way that will not compromise succeeding generations from doing the same. Today, sophisticated design is green design. It is not just about pretty pictures anymore.

  • We should design for longevity.
  • We should build no more than what we need.
  • We should design for low net energy use.
  • We should conserve the use of land and water.
  • We should use products that are recycled or sustainably harvested.
  • We should limit the use of products that produce toxic fumes.
  • We should choose building materials that are produced nearby.
  • We should plan and build for many tomorrows. Today is not enough.

  • "Nature is the art of God"

    -Dante Alighieri
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