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Soon to be on the market is system5zero, a new advanced wall system for residential and light commercial construction! Visit

This is a high-performance green building system with a total wall thickness of 10" or 12" having the following benefits:

+ Very high thermal resistance at R-40 to R-50
+ No thermal bridging
+ Water-proof, insect-proof and frost-proof
+ Mold and mildew resistant
+ Impact-resistant
+ No painting and no maintenance
+ No air or vapor infiltration
+ No VOC's
+ Monolithic with no sheathing
+ Excellent acoustic barrier
+ High shear strength
+ Installation by carpenters with normal hand tools
+ Accommodates standard wiring and plumbing procedures
+ All components lightweight with no hoisting equipment required
+ Very little waste, all of it recyclable
+ High fire rating
+ Timelessly beautiful stucco finish
+ Compatible with any interior finish desired
+ Perfect for any climate or region of the country
+ Qualifies for LEED credits
+ Cost effective
+ All components domestically produced

"The end is to build well. Well-building hath three conditions: commodity, firmness and delight."

-Henry Wotten, 1624 in his translation of "Ten Books of Architecture" by Vitruvius
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